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Stylish 55 and Up

EMBRACE TEXTURES Furs and fringe are trending this season.

Look good and feel great with these fashion tips for the stylish 55 and up!

by Lauren Caggiano

Just because you are of a certain age that does not mean you can’t look stylish and sophisticated. Despite what our youth-obsessed culture says, you can look good at any age–and feel great in the process! Two local experts share insight into how to dress appropriately after …

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Going Organic

who with wife Rose owns the Produce Depot in St. John.

It’s not a passing trend, but an ongoing decision to eat healthy.

by Jerry Davich

The seeds for Northwest Indiana’s organic food movement were planted many years ago in farmers markets and green-minded stores featuring locally-grown menu items.

Today, its harvest is more abundant than ever as a growing number of region residents demand foods without synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, conventional pesticides, or genetically …

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Managing Chronic Conditions

“BE ACTIVE IN ANY WAY YOU CAN,” Dr. Maya Kommineni, a cardiologist with the Porter Physician Group, tells patients.

Healthy choices head off some of the chronic issues of aging.

by Laurie Wink

The statistic is startling: Those who’ve reached the age of 65 are at high risk for developing one or more chronic health conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

But the simple fact is: Older adults who choose a healthy lifestyle can greatly reduce these risks and stay active and …

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Where to Go, What to See

BLUE MAN GROUP Chicago’s Briar Street Theater is the place to see the rhythmic, cobalt-blue trio.

Events, plays, music and other pastimes across the region and beyond.

by Jane Bokun

In the words of iconic singer Carole King, “winter, spring, summer or fall–all you got to do is call” for fun in Northwest Indiana. To start, you can take in a Broadway play in Chicago or take your chances guessing the real cost of an item at the live version of …

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Dynamic Aging

says retiring is just like getting a new set of wheels.


Here are some of the secrets to living a “well life.”

by Laurie Wink

Today’s seniors live longer, look younger and have more active lifestyles than previous generations. They’re more into rock ‘n roll than rocking chairs.

Aging doesn’t have to be a downhill slide into degeneration and limitation says Jane Ellery, who wants to change the common view of older adults as societal …

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Winter 2016 Publisher’s Message

“Creating a Life Worth Living”

A “well life” is a whole lot more than simply being healthy.

Aging just isn’t what it used to be. Yes, time marches on and the months keep flipping past on the calendar, but these days there are more and more seniors who seem younger, who are more active, who are healthier, in spite of the fact that people are …

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Hoosier Bat Company is 25 Years Old

VALPARAISO – Hoosier Bat Company is 25 years old. A Valparaiso-based company that supplies wood baseball bats to everyone from major league players to youth league players is celebrating 25 years in business.

Hoosier Bat Company is now the third oldest wood bat manufacturer. One of the highlights of the past 25 years is that three Hoosier Bat Company bats are in the National Baseball …

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Executive Gift Guide

HOLIDAY CONCERT South Bend Symphony festivities at the Morris.

Your boss is almost always really nice, right? Even when they may be a little down, it’s still the holidays and that means gifts for everyone. Here in Indiana, there are luxury gift items that may seem over the top paired with smaller gifts for those who already know their bonus is coming. Feast your eyes on this year’s Northwest Indiana Business Quarterlyexecutive …

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Upcoming Arts Events in Northwest Indiana

Theater’s “Nutcracker” runs December
12-13 at the Morris Performing Arts
Center in South Bend.

Northwest Indiana


by John Cain

A busy fall arts season culminates with holiday traditions. Upcoming arts events in Northwest Indiana include the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority presentation of“A Christmas Story,” November 7-January 3. This exhibit of six animatronic window displays from Macy’s in New York features classic scenes from the iconic movie based on the writings of Jean Shepard about his …

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Lake Michigan College Presents RENT

BENTON TOWNSHIP, MI – The Lake Michigan College presents RENT by its performing arts department starting November 20 in the Hanson Theatre at The Mendel Center.

RENT, a musical by Jonathan Larson, is loosely based on Puccini’s “La Boheme,” and tells the story of an impoverished group of artists and musicians in Manhattan’s East Village as they struggle to build their lives amidst drug abuse, …

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