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Most Influential and Intriguing

A roundup of some of the region’s most interesting people of 2015.

by Jane Bokun

Each year the magazine’s editorial board of directors collects nominations for our list of those most influential over 50 who impact Northwest Indiana. The people of influence that Retirement Living has chosen for 2015 continue to touch the region and are examples of leadership and entrepreneurship. For example, there are …

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Maintenance Therapy Helps Patients Age In Place

Thanks to a landmark ruling in 2013, Jimmo v. Sebelius, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) now covers maintenance therapy for patients with chronic diseases, such as Parkinson’s, ALS, dementia and MS. Maintenance therapy differs from traditional rehab-based therapy in that the therapist isn’t looking for improvement at each session, but instead seeks to maintain the patient’s current level of ability for as long as …

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Library With a Twist

MAKING EVERYTHING SEEM POSSIBLE Earl Adams, volunteer at the LaPorte County
Public Library, shares his engineering skills with library patrons.

Creating a “maker space” for technological inspirations.

by Heidi Prescott

It would be too easy to describe Earl Adams as articulate, motivated and inspiring.

And to say the 59-year-old LaPorte retiree has always “followed his passion” would be too cliche.

“In no way is Earl Adams a cliche,” says Fonda Owens, director of the LaPorte County Public Library. “There are no obstacles for Earl. He …

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Securing Your Retirement


Turning 50?

It’s not too late to prepare for retirement, but the time to begin is now!

by Jerry Davich

Have you started preparing for retirement? It’s not too late, but now is the time to begin establishing a sound financial plan for your golden years. Otherwise, those years will be tarnished by regrets, hindsight and financial insecurity, experts say.

“Someone in their 50s should …

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Mellencamp Still Touring

John Mellencamp’s next touring stop is Down Under.

Next stop is Australia, where he’ll play a string of dates.

by Jane Bokun

Everybody has a story, and singer/songwriter John “Cougar” Mellencamp has many.

According to website E! Online (, the “Jack and Diane” singer from Seymour is dating 61-year-old former supermodel Christie Brinkley, which wouldn’t be the first time the 63-year-old sparked rumors about his life.

Mellencamp has been the subject of controversy …

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From Hospital to Home


Specialized home health promises quicker recovery and fewer complications for hip and knee replacement patients.

by Annette Heneghan, RN, BS, and Paula Lorance, RN

Seventy-two-year-old Susan Brobst of Chesterton knew she had weak knees. In fact, when her physician suggested she take a precautionary stress test last year her knees weren’t even strong enough to handle it. Brobst’s South Bend-based orthopedic surgeon told her she …

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Arts Update


Upcoming events in Northwest Indiana and Greater South Bend.

Northwest Indiana
by John Cain

Theatre at the Center kicks off the 2016 season with Alfred Hitchcock’s “The 39 Steps,” February 18-March 20. Adapted from the 1935 film and 1915 novel by John Buchan, this thrilling comedy has been a hit on Broadway and the West End. The story follows Englishman Richard Hannay, who inadvertently embarks …

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Visiting St Augustine

The oldest continuously occupied European settlement celebrates 450 years.

by Elizabeth J. Musgrave

Beaches in Florida are to be expected, as are excellent fishing locations and golf courses. Lighthouses, historic landmarks and fine dining at elaborate resorts are also found throughout the Sunshine State. Add in the oldest Spanish Colonial dwelling, the oldest masonry fort in the nation and paranormal activity in several historic landmarks …

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Make Safely Aging in Place Safer

HAVE A SEAT Those with joint issues may appreciate sitting down in the shower.

The bathroom can be a dangerous place-here are ways to make safely aging in placesafer.

by Barbara Eastman

While they have reached what has traditionally been called “retirement” age, many baby boomers are still working, eating better, and trying to remain more active. Members of this growing demographic are also living longer than previous generations and the overwhelming majority wishes to remain in their …

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Viva Italia Italian Cuisine in Northwest Indiana

TRATTORIA TONELLI Chef Giuseppe’s daily specials are determined by what
looks best from local resources around the Michigan City establishment.

Italian cuisine in Northwest Indiana.

by Barbara Eastman

Compared to other countries in the world ranked by size, Italy comes in at #72, occupying approximately the same surface area as the state of Arizona. And yet, the food of Italy has been embraced as one of the world’s most popular cuisines. We have our fair share of authentic Italian restaurants in Northwest Indiana, and here …

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