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More Than Curb Appeal

Professionally created landscapes can cut down on maintenance times and costs.

by Barbara Eastman

Beautiful landscaping enhances both the value and enjoyment of your home, but for today’s busy seniors, spending hours maintaining landscaping or paying a service may not be how they want to spend their time or money. Fortunately, there are many ways to beautify your property with low-maintenance solutions that will free …

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Teeing Up the Next Generation of Golfers

at French Lick hosted the 2015 Senior
PGA Championship and will welcome the
LPGA’s Legends Championship in August.

There’s a tough course ahead, so golf courses are getting creative.

By Jerry Davich

The golf industry is teeing up the next generation of players despite a tough course facing its future.

“The days of build it and they will come are over,” says Linda Rogers, owner of Juday Creek Golf Course in Granger. “Nothing happens unless you make it happen.”

This is exactly what …

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Mill Race Center

AGING WELL Community members plug
into the Six Dimensions of Wellness with
the help of Mill Race Center in Columbus.

Senior center in Columbus focuses on all-around wellness.

Wellness is a whole lot more than simply not being sick. For seniors–indeed, for people of all ages–the recipe for true wellness includes multiple ingredients.

Six, to be exact, according to Cindy Chodan, program and membership director at Mill Race Center, a community center for active adults in the Indiana city of Columbus. “Everything we do is …

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Arts Update

Upcoming events in Northwest Indiana and Greater South Bend.

Northwest Indiana
by John Cain

The fall season abounds with arts offerings! Hammond’s Towle Theater presents “Perfect Wedding,” September 11-27. An appalling situation occurs when a bridegroom wakes up on his wedding day to find a strange girl beside him in bed. Worse, during the ensuing panic to get the stranger dressed and out of the …

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Navigating Troubled Times


Financial matters can be complicated when a spouse dies, and it’s best not to rush any decisions.

by Laurie Wink

The loss of a spouse or partner is one of life’s most challenging experiences. Whether death occurs unexpectedly or over an extended period, the emotional impact is significant. Seeking professional counsel both before and after a death can help survivors make sound decisions.


Jim Burns, …

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The Business of Comedy

When life threw lemons at Tom Byelick, he threw back laughter.

by Michael Puente

Getting laid off is no laughing matter for anyone, and certainly not for Tom Byelick.

But just like what happened to thousands of other people during the recession, Byelick found himself out of a job at Abbott Laboratories in north suburban Chicago in 2011.

“It’s not as easy as you might …

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Where to Go, What to See

“PETER AND THE STAR CATCHER” Begins in August at Drury Lane Theater in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.

Events, plays, music and other pastimes across the region and beyond.

by Jane Bokun

From a farm where ice cream is a major draw to big-city Broadway plays, there are lots of exciting things to do in Northwest Indiana, Chicago, Michigan, Indianapolis, South Bend and more.

If you long for entertainment, but not at the expense of outrageous parking fees and your sanity, try Northwest …

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The Executive Home

OPEN-STYLE KITCHENS Executive homebuyers also want large master suites,
says David Gring of Steiner Homes Ltd., but fewer want large Jacuzzi tubs.

Today’s buyers want green features, open floor plans and big master suites.

by Jane Bokun

You might think today’s executives are only looking for mega-mansions in hyper-exclusive communities, and in some cases, you would be right.

But, not in the case of Northwest Indiana, according to Gary Green, owner of Wagner Homes. Green says executives are looking for such things as green living, large master …

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Where’s the Beef?

WINNING DINNER William B’s, in the Blue Chip Casino, is one of the finest and most attractive steakhouses in the area.

Three of the region’s best choices for a delicious steak dinner.

by Barbara Eastman

Americans eat more red meat than citizens of any other country in the world. Maybe our love for beef stems from our history, rife with cattle barons, cowboys and campfires. Whatever the reason, we love a good steak, and for those living in Northern Indiana, there are several great places to …

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Best Places to Retire

SOUTH BEND Professional baseball, Notre Dame, parks and culture.

Six top cities for retirement, and they’re all in Indiana!

by Shari Held

Thinking about retiring soon? That used to automatically mean moving to Florida or Arizona or other sunny climes. But not anymore! Many seniors opt to retire in their communities, or if they do move, it’s often within the state.

What makes a location a good place to retire? According to Phillip Stafford, …

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