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Changing Definitions

Businesses must keep an eye on the courts and be ready to adapt to new marriage laws.

by Nancy Townsend

Indiana’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which prohibited same-sex marriage and refused to recognize same-sex marriages from other states, was ruled unconstitutional on June 25. Chief Judge Richard L. Young entered a final judgment in three federal lawsuits that challenged Indiana’s DOMA: Baskin v. Bogan, …

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Dealing With Insolvent Customers

Should you sell on a secured or unsecured basis?

Successful businesses must prepare for potential problems and possible solutions related to selling to and buying from companies that are insolvent, or may become so. Here are some considerations in that regard.

An important business decision is whether to sell to customers on a secured or unsecured basis. If you are secured, you are more likely …

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What can your social media policy cover? What can’t it do?

Employees talk. That’s no big surprise. Sometimes it’s about sports, the weather or their families. But more often than not, they talk about work–their hours, their boss, their responsibilities, their supervisors, even their new assignments. When they talk about work, sometimes they air their individual gripes, but sometimes they talk about the complaints they …

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Planning for Recovery

Be sure your technology is prepared to survive failure or disaster.

by Gregory P. Scasny

In the event of hardware failure, file loss, theft or even natural disaster, it’s imperative that your business is able to resume without delay, in order to sustain productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction and success. A Recovery Time Objective (RTO) plus business continuity and backup plans can make downtime a thing …

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Avoiding Discrimination Claims

Seven steps that could save your company millions.

by J. Brian Hittinger and Carrie L. Flores

Would a $39 million settlement of a gender discrimination claim or a $160 million settlement of a race discrimination claim create an immediate need to shore up your company’s anti-discrimination program? It probably would if you were Bank of America or Merrill Lynch, both of which agreed to settle …

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Legal Q&A

Indiana attorneys tackled common business law questions.

by Jacqueline von Ogden

Signing contracts. Taking your business online. Sorting through employees’ legally mandated time off. Filing I-9 forms properly. Understanding copyright law.

There are plenty of legal pitfalls for businesses out there. It’s better to be in the know before a legal problem arises, rather than calling in an attorney after the fact. We’ve asked Indiana …

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Tailor Your Buy-Sell Agreement

Are you really prepared for all of the possible scenarios?

I coach softball and before every game I make sure that I’m prepared for anything that may happen. I have all of the softball gear that the team should need. I have drinks and a parent bringing snacks after the game. I have a first aid kit.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, our team has …

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Do You Need An Elder Law Attorney?

It’s not just about rules, but about listening and empathizing.

An elder law attorney is a lawyer whose practice focuses on the needs of seniors. Thanks to medical advances, preventive health measures, improved diet and exercise, Americans are living longer lives. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, there are more than 40 million citizens age 65 or older. As the Baby Boom generation continues to …

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Legal Q&A

Our annual roundup of answers to business law queries.
by Michael Puente

Summer is the time for beaches, backyard barbeques and just having fun.

But it’s also a time for Hoosiers to adjust to new laws passed by the Indiana General Assembly back in the spring.

Indiana has a host of new laws – namely a statewide smoking ban and a designation as a so-called …

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Divorce Flu?

The timing of business valuation is important.

When a business owner divorces in Indiana, the business is most often inventoried as a marital asset, and must be valued for purposes of equitable distribution between husband and wife. The date of valuation can be a critical issue.

Indiana uses the date of filing as the date defining what is in the marital estate, but then traditionally …

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