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Social Media Best Practices

It’s a great marketing tool, but it’s also a source of significant risk.

For most companies, social media is a cheap, effective marketing tool, which is easy to access, manipulate and maintain. But social media traits that benefit companies can also expose them to a myriad of legal risks.

* Ensuring Your Company Owns and Controls its Social Media Accounts–Some companies entrust their social …

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Managing Digital Assets

Business owners need to safeguard access to commercially valuable data.

The late twentieth century composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein wrote his much anticipated memoir “Blue Ink,” leaving it hidden behind various levels of passwords. In the 26 years since his death, no one has been able to decrypt the manuscript.

This is an example, albeit an unusual one, of a commercially valuable asset locked in …

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Legal Liability Checklist

A checklist for reducing the risk of liability.

The New Year presents a great opportunity for small business owners to review their operations and implement procedures to reduce the risk of liability for the coming year. Business owners face the risk of liability on many fronts, whether from transactions with customers, government regulation, or claims from employees.

The most efficient way to address legal liability …

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Death and Taxes

There’s no reason that odd couple has to stay together.

Benjamin Franklin reminded us that nothing is certain except death and taxes, and history proves him right. However, there is no rational reason the two should be linked and in fact much progress has been made in taking the tax sting out of death.

Dead and buried

The Indiana inheritance tax was repealed effective 2013. …

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Black and Blue Over Purple

NLRB’s decision related to email systems may trouble employers.

by Jerry Lutkus

Many employers have email policies that prohibit employees from using the company’s email for non-work purposes. If you have a no-tolerance policy, a recent decision of the National Labor Relations Board should cause you to take another look at it. The new decision is called Purple Communications and it may leave employers feeling …

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Give Prompt Notice of Claims

Tell liability insurance company of claims or suits ASAP.

by David L. Simmons, J.D.

The Indiana Court of Appeals recently underscored the importance of giving prompt notice of an insurance claim in the case of Travelers Cas. and Sur. Co. v. Maplehurst Farms, Inc., 18 N.E.3d 311 (Ind. App., 2014). This case involved losses incurred by Maplehurst as a result of environmental contamination caused by …

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Hiring Dos and Don’ts

Base your decision on job-related factors, and ask questions carefully.

For employers, hiring quality employees has always been of critical importance. Various laws require employers to be more focused in this effort.

For example, it was not that long ago that employers asked any questions they wanted: how old are you, do you have any illnesses, are you involved in any church activities, etc.?

The …

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Changing Definitions

Businesses must keep an eye on the courts and be ready to adapt to new marriage laws.

by Nancy Townsend

Indiana’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which prohibited same-sex marriage and refused to recognize same-sex marriages from other states, was ruled unconstitutional on June 25. Chief Judge Richard L. Young entered a final judgment in three federal lawsuits that challenged Indiana’s DOMA: Baskin v. Bogan, …

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Dealing With Insolvent Customers

Should you sell on a secured or unsecured basis?

Successful businesses must prepare for potential problems and possible solutions related to selling to and buying from companies that are insolvent, or may become so. Here are some considerations in that regard.

An important business decision is whether to sell to customers on a secured or unsecured basis. If you are secured, you are more likely …

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What can your social media policy cover? What can’t it do?

Employees talk. That’s no big surprise. Sometimes it’s about sports, the weather or their families. But more often than not, they talk about work–their hours, their boss, their responsibilities, their supervisors, even their new assignments. When they talk about work, sometimes they air their individual gripes, but sometimes they talk about the complaints they …

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