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Avoiding Discrimination Claims

Seven steps that could save your company millions.

by J. Brian Hittinger and Carrie L. Flores

Would a $39 million settlement of a gender discrimination claim or a $160 million settlement of a race discrimination claim create an immediate need to shore up your company’s anti-discrimination program? It probably would if you were Bank of America or Merrill Lynch, both of which agreed to settle …

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Tailor Your Buy-Sell Agreement

Are you really prepared for all of the possible scenarios?

I coach softball and before every game I make sure that I’m prepared for anything that may happen. I have all of the softball gear that the team should need. I have drinks and a parent bringing snacks after the game. I have a first aid kit.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, our team has …

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Do You Need An Elder Law Attorney?

It’s not just about rules, but about listening and empathizing.

An elder law attorney is a lawyer whose practice focuses on the needs of seniors. Thanks to medical advances, preventive health measures, improved diet and exercise, Americans are living longer lives. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, there are more than 40 million citizens age 65 or older. As the Baby Boom generation continues to …

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Pre-Employment Screening

Reduce costs and boost productivity, retention and morale.

Test. Just the word may make your palms a little sweaty. But employers have no need to sweat over pre-employment tests. This is a test you want as a strategic part of your hiring process.

Employers face a number of human-resource challenges, a number of reasons to sweat, and recruiting the right employee is one of the …

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Estate Tax Uncertainty

Tax law changes have made it a moving target.

When President Barack Obama signed the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 last December, it changed the federal estate tax.

The estate tax dates back 1916, when it was imposed at a rate of 10 percent on the portion of estates above $50,000. Unfortunately, it has been a moving target for …

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Know Your Non-Profit

Do your due-diligence, then be generous in your support.

Most of us are involved at some level with a non-profit organization. Perhaps you donate money to support their cause or volunteer your time. Maybe you serve on their board of directors. There are many worthy causes to support. Is your favorite non-profit worthy?

The Internal Revenue Service has long known that some organizations abuse their …

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Business Law Q&A

Insights from some of the area’s leading business attorneys.
by Michael Puente

How can a small business handle delinquent customers?

What are the pitfalls of obtaining legal advice online?

What issues are overlooked by entrepreneurs when starting a new business?

These are some of these questions on the minds of Northwest Indiana business owners.
Each year, Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly turns to the experts for …

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Don’t assume good service will just happen; it takes training.

So many exciting things are happening in Northwest Indiana, with new bike trails connecting our communities, the addition of sports arenas, pavilions and great parks, along with the many improvements happening along our lakeshore.

Those organizations working to assure that we are considered a destination community should be supported and commended. But one question remains: …

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Focus: Small Business

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Northwest Indiana. Small business incubators dot the region’s landscape – from Valparaiso to Hammond, from Merrillville to South Bend.

As the landscape for small business changes from traditional pursuits in manufacturing to high-tech ventures, new questions arise among entrepreneurs on how to ensure success.

To help answer those questions, Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly has asked experts from …

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Technology in Construction

In the current economy, contractors are looking for ways to control costs and reduce overall construction schedules without sacrificing safety or quality. Over the years, Tonn and Blank has adopted new delivery methods to address the problems inherent with traditional building methods. Beyond the traditional design-bid-build process, we have embraced construction management, CM-at-risk, design-build, computerized design, fast-track construction and critical path scheduling to name a …

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