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Inbound Marketing

The digital age ushers in cost-effective concepts.

The times have changed, the digital age has taken over, and society now has a whole new format for receiving information. The digital age has altered the landscape of how marketers advertise and communicate brands for a more enhanced customer response to the buying process.

Thanks to the Google age, businesses are now dealing with a more educated, …

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James Muhammad

RISING STAR James A. Muhammad
joined Lakeshore Public Media as
president and CEO in 2013.

James Muhammadhelps Lakeshore Public Media cut debt, add programming.

by Barbara Eastman

James A. Muhammad, president and CEO of Lakeshore Public Media (LPM), grew up in Tuscaloosa, Ala. He went to Stillman College on a choral music scholarship and traveled the country performing with the college choir, but majored in communications.

His parents were fans of public radio and television and Muhammad says, “They …

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RV Industry Resurgence

Bill Fenech, Ron Fenech and Don Clark
founded Middlebury-based Grand Design
RV in 2011, citing a high level of confidence
in the industry, the local economy and the
skills of the local workforce.

Economics and demographics are aligning to propel the industry.

by Lauren Caggiano

The recreational vehicle (RV) industry is robust and poised for a bright future, according to several industry stakeholders in Elkhart County and beyond.

RV dealer sales are one way to track the RV market. Pam Argostino is the general manager/president of Camp-Land RV, a large family-owned RV dealership serving the Northwest Indiana-Chicago area …

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Creating an Ethical Culture

a counselor in Valparaiso University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Trying to make the world a better place, in the workplace and in public service.

by Laurie Wink

In our highly competitive, hurry-up world, we face a continuous barrage of TV news, social media blasts and viral videos with freely shared opinions that can spark conflicts. In response to growing evidence of bad behavior, some area business, government and education leaders are encouraging civility and …

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Getting IT Right

is senior partner for Golden Tech, which has offices in South Bend and Valparaiso.

Getting IT right. Small businesses gain top-notch tech solutions with outside expertise.

by Jerry Davich

It all started in the early 1980s for Jeremy Carnahan, with a Tandy 1000 SX that his parents bought for their Shell service station.

While spending plenty of time drawing pictures in the paint program, found within DeskMate, he also learned everything possible about the files on the MS-DOS boot …

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Enterprising Women at the Helm

Heather Chik
is a licensed clinical
psychologist, as well as
owner and director of the Anxiety & OCD Behavioral
Health Center.

Enterprising women at the helm. Advice from women leaders who cleared the glass ceiling.

by Jerry Davich

Lynne Rehmel’s career wheels first hit the road 35 years ago.

She has been involved in every aspect of the transportation business, from customer service and sales to safety director, terminal supervisor and operations manager.

“As a new transportation carrier, it is very difficult to get started in …

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Independence Days

“LIFE IS A MOVING EXPERIENCE” BraunAbility employs 1,200 people worldwide, dedicated to
supporting Ralph Braun’s dream of bringing dignity and independence to individuals through mobility.

BraunAbility’s vehicles give mobility to those with disabilities.

by Barbara Eastman

When spinal muscular atrophy robbed him of the ability to walk at 15, no one would have blamed Ralph Braun, who was born and raised in Winamac, Ind., if he felt a little sorry for himself. And perhaps he did–for a minute. But then he went to work on a solution. Rather than accept …

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Noteworthy News Bits

Noteworthy News Bits from Around the Region

by Michelle M. Searer

Donald J. Rapley, president and general manager of Ozinga’s Indiana region, has been named the president of the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association (IRMCA). The non-profit organization is dedicated to expanding the use of ready mix concrete via education, training, promotion and advocacy … Jim Staton, Northwest Indiana’s regional director of business …

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Best of Northwest Indiana and Greater South Bend Michiana Business

BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR Co-winners Larson-Danielson Construction Co., which was also named Best Construction
Company for Commercial Office Remodeling and Expansion Projects and runner-up for Best Commercial Construction Company.
(Seated: Mark Danielson, Terry Larson, Tim Larson, Tom Walter, David Merkel; back row: Nick Larson, Brian Larson).

Our readers make their picksfor theBest of Northwest Indiana and Greater South Bend Michiana Businessin dozens of categories.

“The best of the best.” We all think quite highly of our state, and our region within the state. It’s the best, for sure, and no one will persuade us to believe anything different. So who is the best of the best? What businesses …

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Looking Back Looking Forward

Heather Ennis of Northwest Indiana Forum
and Ty Warner of the Northwest Indiana
Regional Planning Commission.

A quarter century of growth and change, and a vision for the future.

by Laurie Wink

Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly is celebrating 25 years as Indiana’s leading regional business magazine. To mark this milestone, we asked five area leaders to reflect on the region’s growth over the past 25 years and share their vision for the next 25 years.

Heather Ennis
Northwest Indiana Forum

Twenty-five …

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