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Technology and Flexibility

Building projects reflect evolving needs and functions.

by Heidi Prescott Wieneke

A meeting room is not just a meeting room any more. Nor is a cafeteria just a cafeteria. And open space inside a building is not just empty square footage you go through to get from one place to another. From academia to banking to health care, businesses and contractors together are embracing technology, …

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Women Participation in Labor Force Lags Men

A widely released report by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Mercer reveals females have lower labor force participation rates than males across all age groups. Throughout most of adult life, women’s participation lies around the 60-70% range, whereas the percentage of male participation is in the high 80s. Globally, half of women in their late 50s are in the labor force (compared to …

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Healthy Growth

A positive outlook for the region’s economy in 2014.

by Michael J. Hicks

The end of the Great Recession has seen dramatic growth differences across industrial sectors in Northwest and North-Central Indiana. From the end of the recession there has been significant growth in transportation and warehousing, utilities, administrative services (most likely employment services), all of which have seen growth during this period of more …

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Peerless Potato Chips

Times have changed, but the chips are as tasty as ever.

by Kathy McKimmie

It was 1928, just a year before the big stock market crash, when John Norman Hogg started Peerless Potato Chips on West 11th Avenue in Gary. From England, he became a pilot with the Royal Flying Corps in World War I and was sent to Canada to train pilots. He stayed …

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Why Feedback is Your Key to Winning

By Barry Banther

There are 5 simple words that can spell doom for a leader – “If I had only known!” These are the words you utter right after a major client cancels a contract, a customer stops ordering or an error occurs that will cost you thousands out of your own pocket. That’s why the best leaders and the most competent managers thrive on …

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Saint Joseph’s College Choirs Cherish Musical Tour Through Italy

The Saint Joseph’s College (Rensselaer, Ind.) Concert Choir and Chamber Singers toured Italy November 11-19, 2013 with members of the St. John Cantius Church (Chicago, Ill.) choirs. While the SJC choirs sing at liturgical, College, and local events regularly, an invitation to sing Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica for the closing weekend celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Cappella Giulia (the Vatican choir) …

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Who’s Coming to Town in 2014?

Tourism officials expect a growing economic impact.

by Shari Held

2014 promises to be bigger and better as far as income and interest generated by visitors to Northwest Indiana, Chicago and Southwest Michigan. New events are making their debut to the area while old favorites are growing.

Here’s a look at some of the events scheduled to come to Northwest Indiana and the surrounding area, …

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Training for the Future

Times are changing for the region’s construction workers.

by Jacqueline von Ogden

January 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of musician Bob Dylan’s well-known song “The Times They Are a-Changin.” And though the list of changes within the technological and automotive industries is large enough to be a novel within itself, it is a reminder that there is constant change. Businesses change. Industries change. Communities change. …

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Structure Your Biz for Change

An Organizational Structure that Works for Change

By Tom Somodi

Many, if not most people, would argue that the ability for an organization to change over time is critical to that organization’s long-term survival. To this end, the literature is full of theories, methodologies, recommendations and analysis on how an organization should be structured in order to maximize the likelihood of obtaining successful change.

It …

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Code Red Safety

Helping heavy industry safely complete dangerous work.

by Kathy McKimmie

“We started selling hard hats and safety glasses,” says Michael J. Miller, describing the early days of Code Red Safety, headquartered in Hammond. Founded in 1995 by Miller and two of his fraternity brothers from Indiana University, Gregg Mohoi and Robert Tepperman, it’s now a multimillion-dollar business with nine locations in four states providing complete …

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