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Why Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Need to Evaluate Talent

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is managing talent. Attracting the best talent and retaining top talent is integral to success – but it’s also a major struggle, according to a recent study by the National Center for the Middle Market at The Ohio State University Fisher School of Business. “Most business owners feel ill-equipped to manage the onslaught of talent demands,” says …

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Technology to the Rescue

Eight emergency medicine innovations that could save your life.

by Cassie Richardson

If you’re feeling stressed out by your job, listen up! Having a highly demanding job, combined with a heavy workload and the belief that you have little control over how or at what pace the work must be done, can put your heart at risk.

A 2012 study of 200,000 men and women …

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Chipping In for Security

Card issuers pushing new system to fight credit card fraud.

by Phil Britt

Payment card issuers will be forcing merchants to take a more proactive stance against payment fraud by requiring that point of sale (POS) systems be able to meet so-called EMV standards, including the ability to accept chip-based cards, by Oct. 1, 2015.

Until that date, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express will …

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Executive Gift Guide

With the holidays coming, it may be time to update your naughty and nice list for that favorite boss or executive. Here in Northwest Indiana, there are gifts to dazzle the eye, balance the nerves and work out those kinks on the golf course. — By Jane Bokun

For Him

White Hawk Country Club
How about getting your boss a round of golf and some …

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Seeing a Need

Nick Popovich quietly spreads donations across the region.

by Jerry Davich

Nick Popovich and his staff of aircraft specialists have repossessed hundreds of luxury jets and high-priced airplanes the past three decades. But the high-flying philanthropy behind his Valparaiso-based firm, Sage-Popovich Inc., often takes place away from the public’s radar.

The exhaustive list of groups, nonprofits and organizations to which Sage-Popovich has given monetary donations …

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Five Tips to Build a Brand in 2015

By Owen Shapiro

For the past seventy years, business branding has been largely guided by principles developed in the 1950s and 1960s, when there were only three television networks, messaging through advertising was easy to control, and information flowed from a few “trusted” news sources to millions of people.

This one-to-many model of information flow has been upended since the advent of the Internet and …

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Real Estate Comeback

Commercial construction is on a roll.

by Heidi Prescott Wieneke

When Tim Healy started work for Holladay Properties in 2000, the South Bend-based company had nothing going on in Northwest Indiana. It was just him, a trailer and 386 acres of vacant land Holladay had purchased from Bethlehem Steel. Healy had his work cut out for him.

Holladay wanted this site to rival the strongest …

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An Alternative to “No”

With loans and advice, Accion Chicago helps borrowers succeed.

by Shari Held

This year Accion Chicago, a non-profit microlender affiliated with Accion International, is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. And the thousands of underserved, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners the lender has helped over the years are celebrating right along with Accion. That includes clients from seven Northwest Indiana counties–Lake, Porter, Jasper, LaPorte, Newton, Pulaski …

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Spotlighting Innovation

A look at the annual honorees of The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana.

by Jerry Davich

Innovation. It can be sparked by serendipity, discovered by risk-takers or fueled by fear. It often manifests itself through a new idea, novel device or reinvented process. And it takes place each day in Northwest Indiana at the intersection of imagination and problem-solving.

Innovation can be powered by …

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1st Source Bank Highlights Women in Business

By Caitlin Vanlaningham

On Thursday, the Valparaiso Country Club was filled with ladies who were all there for one purpose: to celebrate women in business.

“We are a force to be reckoned with,” Jayne Cooper, Regional Sales Manager of the Valparaiso Region for 1st Source Bank said at the beginning of the luncheon. “Currently there are 9.1 million businesses that are women-owned and one in …

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