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Hire a Kid

Under those tattoos and piercings are tomorrow’s workers.

by Keith Kirkpatrick

On the rare occasion that I go to the mall, I mostly people-watch. I really hate shopping. On one of those visits, I was focusing on the kids. Oh my gosh, look at those tattoos. Seriously, your parents let you leave the house dressed like that! Stop acting like you are so macho and …

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Employees Come in 3 Flavors

Mike was the CFO of a large manufacturing company in Texas. He was an outstanding executive and he accepted this position because it suited his strengths to a tee. The company was looking for a very strategic Head of Finance who could work in partnership with the company’s CEO to take market share in existing markets, enter new markets and diversify their product line.

When …

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The Big Picture of Health

Health centers improve access and offer a holistic approach.

by Steven Davidson

Few topics have been in the headlines more than health care during the past year, as the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has picked up steam. The political controversy continues even after the conclusion of the first open enrollment period–meanwhile, health-care providers are quietly working to achieve the ultimate aims of reform: …

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Between Two Homes

Execs on the go often need temporary housing.

by Jerry Davich

Whether it’s called executive living, a second office, or split-work residence, it’s a rising trend in the ever-expanding business world.

More working professionals, especially executives, are living at two residences for business reasons, often leaving behind a family to better climb the corporate ladder. Some are encouraged to do so for geographic convenience, others …

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Q&A With the Governor

Mike Pence talks taxes, jobs, infrastructure, workforce and tourism.

by Michael Puente

The 2014 Indiana legislative session was considered a “short session.” While the session was short in length, it was not short on substantive issues.

From the controversial elimination of a business property tax to economic-development initiatives, Gov. Mike Pence tells Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly that he views the past session, his second since …

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Cut Through the Clutter & Connect with Clients – 5 Benefits of Writing a Business Book

By Tanya Hall, CEO, Greenleaf Book Group

We’ve entered the information age, and with it comes information overload. Increasingly, people are inundated with sales calls, spam mail, and other marketing materials cluttering their mailboxes, email accounts, and televisions. People are tuning out. Direct mail ends up in the trash, emails are deleted upon receipt, and buying radio or television airtime is too expensive.

So how …

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Moving Up On the Executive Team Ladder

Could you use some tips from a top business consultant on how employees can get on “the list” and move up the executive team ladder? Performance experts Antoine Gerschel and Lawrence Polsky, authors of Rapid Retooling and managing partners at the global team consulting firm, can provide insight on how to advance your career.

“Act like you realize that you can be …

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Best of Northwest Indiana Business

Our readers make their picks in dozens of categories.

Who doesn’t want to be the best? Students do, as do athletes and performing artists. So, of course, do businesses, and for them the proof comes from satisfied customers who voice approval through word-of-mouth recommendations.

That’s what Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly‘s annual reader survey reveals… the approval of customers and peers across the business community. …

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Publisher’s Note – Spring 2014

A Salute to the Best
Spotlighting winners, from businesses to racing teams.

My congratulations to this year’s “Best Of” winners in Northwest Indiana and Greater South Bend/Michiana, as chosen by our readers! And thanks again to all our readers who took the time to vote. We had a record number of responses this year and added several new voting categories. Find out who is the …

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The State’s Lawyer

From Washington to Indy, Greg Zoeller dedicated to public service.

by Michael Puente

Greg Zoeller recently sent out a letter seeking financial support for a possible run at a third consecutive four-year term in 2016 as Indiana attorney general. But that doesn’t mean he’s ready to say if he’s running. “I usually tell people that I’m not committing to running for a third term. I’ve …

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