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Engagement = Social Media Success

By Ben Laube, POLR Marketing

Social Media is a leading industry tool to bring brand awareness to the forefront of markets. More than ever, your business’ online reputation weighs heavily on your success due to the unlimited availability of content published daily online. In a majority of marketing and advertising methods, the communication is a one-way street from company to customer. However, social media is …

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Safe Haven

Properly insuring your business is a matter of thinking the unthinkable.

by Heidi Prescott Wieneke

None of us would buy insurance if we didn’t have to. Insurance agents acknowledge this and consumers admit it. And when it’s time to consider coverage, we are bombarded and barraged with advertisements that feature catchy slogans, memorable mascots or singsong jingles and promises of service and savings.

When someone …

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Accomplished Women

Meet some of the leaders of the region’s community foundations.

by Jane Bokun

As a woman with a lot of responsibility, Barb Young heads up the Porter County Foundation, which gives out more than $1 million in grants each year.

She began her career as a volunteer for Porter County and has been affiliated with the foundation since its inception. She assumed the role of …

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The Personal Touch

Call pioneers an automated way to keep patients from returning to the hospital.

by Shari Held

Launched in 2003, HealthCall LLC has successfully transitioned from a fledgling startup, operating on unchartered waters, to an industry leader in automated health care communications. For the past three years it has grown at a rate of 20 percent year-over-year. Located in the Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana, …

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Publisher’s Note – Summer 2014

Changes Bring Opportunities

The region’s businesses, such as HealthCall, innovate and thrive.

The health care industry, like it or not, has been greatly impacted by the Affordable Care Act. And with the ongoing changes, opportunities grow for aspiring entrepreneurs, such as Dan Hayes, whose HealthCall LLC creates software products designed to help contain costs and reduce errors. Hayes shares his story about how this all …

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Family Traditions

Hard work, strong values and careful planning help family businesses last.

by Jerry Davich

Family-owned businesses employ two-thirds of America’s workforce and generate nearly 80 percent of all new job creation in this country. These so-called “mom and pop” companies, roughly 5.5 million strong, also comprise 35 percent of Fortune 500 firms and have an average lifespan of 24 years, according to U.S. Census Bureau …

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Data Breaches

They happen everywhere. How can your company be safe?

Almost no industry seems to be free of data breaches. In retail, we’ve heard about Target and Neiman Marcus (and now Sears and other retailers are investigating whether they have been hacked). In education it’s Indiana University and University of Maryland, the most recent as of this writing. We’ve heard about Barclays Bank and the government …

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Clearing the Hurdles

South Bend area seeing economic-development success.

by Heidi Prescott Wieneke

It’s not every day that a $3 billion company like Hubbell Inc. makes a long-term commitment to Indiana. But that is exactly what happened last year when the international steel box manufacturer invested more than $3 million in a new South Bend distribution center designed around its RACO brand.


Hubbell moved its warehouse operations last …

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Improving Quality Of Life in Your Business

By Ruth W. Crocker

If you find yourself listening to co-workers complain at work, you’re not alone. Jane, a registered nurse, often eats her lunch sitting on a curb in the parking lot next to the clinic where she works. She’s looking for just a few minutes of peace and quiet from the chaos and complaints that echo off the walls in the employee break …

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Health and Well-Being

Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana has a broad impact.

by Lauren Caggiano

Everyone benefits when our communities are healthier and stronger. That’s what drives the Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana (CFNI) in its everyday work.

CFNI is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides leadership and resources for the enhancement of health and the quality of life in Lake and Porter counties.

“At the heart of …

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