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Indiana’s Domestic Violence Shelters Receive Additional Funds

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute’s (ICJI) Victim Services Subcommittee approved more than $1.2 million in additional funding for Indiana’s domestic violence shelters. The dollars will be added to the Domestic Violence Treatment and Prevention (DVPT) Fund – which is used to provide immediate assistance and short-term support to victims of domestic violence.

“ICJI is moving quickly to ensure the domestic violence shelters receive …

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Giving Business a Lift

Vermette Machine Co. products move kegs, signs and other heavy items.

by Phillip Britt

If a company needs to lift an air conditioning or heating unit, multiple beer kegs or a variety of other materials, one of the first calls will likely be to Hammond-based Vermette Machine Co. Inc.

The company opened its doors in 1947 with one employee, Howard H. Vermette, the owner, product …

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The Crooked Yardstick

Redefining Success

By: Gerry Sandusky

Take inventory of your successes. What comes to mind? The title of your position in your company? How much money you make? The value of your home? An award you won? If you had to measure your success, would you place yourself in the top ten percent? Top five percent? Did your company or your team meet this quarter’s sales …

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Want to Start Living Like a Boss? Expert Tips

So, do you want to live your life like a boss, calling the shots and living on top? Consider living lifelike a boss.We’ve taken six top tips from the business world that can improve your personal life too.

1. Have a vision.Any CEO worth her salt has a clear idea of where she wants her company to go. Often, there is …

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Emerging Young Attorneys

Making a difference by serving clients and communities alike.

by Cassie Richardson

Today’s young attorneys take their jobs as seriously as they take their suits. The area’s young and rising stars give back to their communities through philanthropic efforts or service on boards. Meet our top 10 picks from young legal professionals who are giving back and making a difference in their communities.

Carly Brandenburg,

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Why We Rescue

Rescue animals can enrich your life when you invite them into your home.

Anastasia M. Trakles

When I was a little girl, my mom and I were taking a walk in our garden in the small town of Interlochen, Michigan, and we heard a funny sound coming from the blackberry patch. We looked and found a beautiful Siamese kitten, not even 6 months old, rolling …

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The Cost of Crazy

Regardless of size, industry, customer, or platform, the success of all business boils down to one thing – the people.There are physical, mental, emotional, and economic costs associated conflict and drama, or as Anne Grady author of the new book 52 Strategies for Life, Love and Work likes to say, “crazy creators”.

Grady, an organizational transformation expert, teaches businesses how to both survive and …

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Health Care Honors

Our readers suggest some of the region’s standouts in medical care.

Thousands of people work in health care across the region, all helping patients get healthy and stay that way. Who is exceptionally good at doing so? We asked our readers for nominations in our third annual compilation of Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly Health Care Honors.

Franciscan St. Margaret Health-Hammond

Federal …

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Extend the South Shore Line

Thousands of jobs and new prosperity will ride into the region.

by Bill Hanna

Expanding the South Shore Line will give us the opportunity to increase connectivity to Chicago, one of the world’s largest economies. Since 1970, Lake County has experienced a decline in population and median income. In order to reverse these trends we must connect the great resources and investments already made in …

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Nurturing Innovation

Pfeil Innovation Center serves businesses and organizations alike.

by Lauren Caggiano

Necessity may be the mother of invention. But what about innovation? It can be argued that the Pfeil Innovation Center is the purveyor of innovation in the South Bend/Michiana area.

In the words of lead faculty Matthew Krathwohl, the Pfeil Innovation Center “brings innovation into reality.” The Pfeil Innovation Center is “a gift to …

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