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Publisher’s Note
Honoring Glee Renick-May

Carrying forward the publishing legacy of my beloved wife.

We usually look forward in this part of the magazine, forward to preview the excellent articles in the pages that follow. Today, though, I want to take a look back, to reflect on the 25 years that the pages of this magazine were the life’s work of my wife, Glee Renick-May.

As Glee mentioned in some of the publisher’s notes from previous issues, she battled pancreatic cancer for more than two years. She learned a lot about cancer and the latest innovations in treatment, and even shared some of the helpful and hopeful things she learned with the readers of this magazine. She fought hard, even as she continued to pour lots of energy into Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly and Retirement Living magazines.

I’m writing today to share that Glee has moved past her battle with cancer–she passed away at our home on Sunday, January 17. I can tell you that she cared tremendously about this publication and you, the readers. The issue you’re now holding was in the editing and production stages at the time of her passing, and she was determined that it be completed. As you can see, the staff and I have honored her wish.


But I’m also writing to tell you that I intend to honor a lot more than her desire to get the Winter 2016 issue off to the printer. My intention is to honor Glee by moving her magazine forward into its 25th anniversary year and beyond. The staff and I will be carrying on the good work that Glee began in 1991, when she launched this magazine as a partnership between Indiana Business magazine and the Northwest Indiana Forum, to spotlight the best of the region and support prosperity, innovation and economic development.

Glee set high standards for this magazine and its sister publication, Retirement Living. And she certainly leaves behind shoes that will be difficult to fill. But I can assure you that I’m no stranger to Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly and the region we cover. I’ve been with Glee through her efforts to grow this magazine, we’ve had countless dinner-table conversations about the business and the people we cover, and I’ve spent a lot of time traveling the region with Glee. I will bring to this publication my years of experience as a business owner, my background in sales, and most important, the love for this magazine and this region that Glee and I developed together.


Please read on for our usual assortment of news, insights and advice–including more about Glee in the cover story, because she was among those honored in the recent E-Day recognition. Thank you so much for your years as a loyal reader, because serving you gave Glee an immense amount of joy!

Conrad May

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