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Publisher’s Note
Changes Bring Opportunities

The region’s businesses, such as HealthCall, innovate and thrive.

The health care industry, like it or not, has been greatly impacted by the Affordable Care Act. And with the ongoing changes, opportunities grow for aspiring entrepreneurs, such as Dan Hayes, whose HealthCall LLC creates software products designed to help contain costs and reduce errors. Hayes shares his story about how this all began and how his business idea, housed in the Purdue Technology Center, Crown Point, was ahead of its time.

Institutions of higher learning are teaching students about innovation and entrepreneurship. “There is a movement now toward entrepreneurship,” says Dan Hasler, president and CEO of the Purdue Research Foundation. University faculty members work with students to bring those ideas to life. Undergrads are successfully launching small businesses before graduation. Learn more inside.

Meet the leading ladies who run multimillion-dollar foundations, whose responsibilities and decision making affect the lives of many. For example, the Unity Foundation focuses on strengthening communities, while the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County has several initiatives, including the African American Community Fund, receiving national attention.

Today’s young attorneys are remarkably bright, resourceful and committed to their communities. Inside this issue, meet some of tomorrow’s leaders in the legal profession who are giving back to their communities, offering their talents and expertise at a younger age.

What if the unthinkable happens? Do you have enough insurance to protect your business? We offer advice from insurance experts–whether your business is existing or a startup, you will get more insight on if you are well-insured or underinsured.

As a media sponsor, we recognize those who are this year’s South Shore Leadership Award recipients, who are making a huge difference in their communities.

We also address the ever-changing definition of marriage in our legal advice department. Will Indiana ever be a state that recognizes same-sex marriage?

—Glee Renick-May, Publisher

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