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Keying Into Customer Needs

GOING MOBILE Banks and customers are embracing mobile deposits, online bill payment,
electronic person-to-person payments, online statements and other electronic services.

High-touch meets high-tech–personalization with less human interaction is keying into customer needs.

by Phil Britt

Over the past few years, banks have added mobile banking, enabling customers to deposit checks by taking pictures of them with smartphones. Banks have also extended their online banking offerings, so that customers can have more convenience to bank when and where they choose, and to take advantage of upgraded …

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Rising Interest Rates

The Fed is expected to make a move soon; what will the impact be?

by Phil Britt

The Federal Reserve is expected by many economic experts to hike interest rates as soon as September and perhaps again in December.

The Fed took a pass on increasing the Federal funds rate at its June meeting, with Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen saying the board needed further …

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New Ways to Pay

Mobile payment technologies nearly ready for prime time.

by Phil Britt

Consumers enter 2015 with a new payment option at some retailers–a mobile wallet that enables users to pay with their phone rather than swiping a credit or debit card, writing a check or using cash–but this alternate payment method is still in its very embryonic stages.

Apple Pay, available on the iPhone 6 and …

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Playing It Safe

RIGOROUS CONTROLS Cybercriminals have many avenues for attack, and banks are fighting back.

Protecting your business from cybercrime and scams.

by Shari Held

Target. Home Depot. UPS. JP Morgan Chase. They’ve all made the headlines lately–and not in a good way. They’ve been hacked! And confidential information was compromised.

“The threat is very real, and pretty much a weekly occurrence,” says Tanya Buerger, senior vice president and chief information and technology officer for Peoples Bank in Munster. “It’s …

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Chipping In for Security

Card issuers pushing new system to fight credit card fraud.

by Phil Britt

Payment card issuers will be forcing merchants to take a more proactive stance against payment fraud by requiring that point of sale (POS) systems be able to meet so-called EMV standards, including the ability to accept chip-based cards, by Oct. 1, 2015.

Until that date, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express will …

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An Alternative to “No”


With loans and advice, Accion Chicago helps borrowers succeed.

by Shari Held

This year Accion Chicago, a non-profit microlender affiliated with Accion International, is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. And the thousands of underserved, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners the lender has helped over the years are celebrating right along with Accion. That includes clients from seven Northwest Indiana counties–Lake, Porter, Jasper, LaPorte, Newton, Pulaski …

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The Future is Now

BANKING ON THE GO Consumer adoption of
mobile banking has happened at a staggering pace.

Banking technologies add convenience, but some still prefer bricks and mortar.

by Jerry Davich

Today’s banking customers have more options than ever regarding their finances, but also more checks and balances when it comes to daily decision-making. Should they choose old habits over new technologies? Convenience over complexities? Face-to-face interactions versus online interfacing? Pen and paper accounting versus mobile accessibility? “The future is here today,” …

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Heading Back to Market?

IS IT TIME? More and more retirees are
moving their nest eggs back into stocks.

Seniors who fled turbulent stock investments a few years ago are slowly returning.

by Jerry Davich

When the stock market began taking a nosedive in late 2008, retirees generally reacted in two ways while looking for a financial parachute to soften their crash. Those seniors who opted to stay in the turbulent market gravitated toward high-quality, dividend-paying stocks. Those seniors who fled looked instead to …

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Charter Group starts furniture market

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Building on more than two decades of experience serving the office furniture and home interiors market, The Charter Group today announced formation of a dedicated Furniture Practice led by Andrew Williams. The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based merger and acquisition advisory firm said the move reflects growing activity and demand for buy, sell and capital raise transactions in the office furniture, residential furniture …

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1st Source Bank marks 150th anniversary

SOUTH BEND – This year 1st Source Bank celebrates 150 years of helping clients achieve security, build wealth and realize their dreams. 1st Source will began its year-long celebration on June 12.

“1st Source is pleased to celebrate 150 years of service to our clients and the community,” said Christopher J. Murphy III, chairman and CEO. “For 150 years, we’ve focused on being distinctively convenient, …

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