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Heading Back to Market?

Seniors who fled turbulent stock investments a few years ago are slowly returning.

by Jerry Davich

When the stock market began taking a nosedive in late 2008, retirees generally reacted in two ways while looking for a financial parachute to soften their crash. Those seniors who opted to stay in the turbulent market gravitated toward high-quality, dividend-paying stocks. Those seniors who fled looked instead to …

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From Baby to Boomer

Retirement years catch up fast, so start saving now.
by Michael Puente

Brenda Castro says she feels like “just yesterday” when she graduated from high school. In reality, her graduation day was more than a decade ago. “Time sure does fly,” the 30-year-old Castro says. “I’ve saved some money, but not nearly enough as I should be.”

Castro, a communications specialist for a health-care provider …

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