Supporting Indiana Businesses

The state’s efforts to create a lot more “Companies to Watch.”

On August 27, a large audience of Hoosiers gathered in Indianapolis to honor the 2015 class of “Companies to Watch.” Presented by the State of Indiana and Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and endorsed by the Edward Lowe Foundation, this designation recognizes privately held Indiana businesses that have experienced exceptional growth and …

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Death and Taxes

There’s no reason that odd couple has to stay together.

Benjamin Franklin reminded us that nothing is certain except death and taxes, and history proves him right. However, there is no rational reason the two should be linked and in fact much progress has been made in taking the tax sting out of death.

Dead and buried

The Indiana inheritance tax was repealed effective 2013. …

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Keying Into Customer Needs

GOING MOBILE Banks and customers are embracing mobile deposits, online bill payment,
electronic person-to-person payments, online statements and other electronic services.

High-touch meets high-tech–personalization with less human interaction is keying into customer needs.

by Phil Britt

Over the past few years, banks have added mobile banking, enabling customers to deposit checks by taking pictures of them with smartphones. Banks have also extended their online banking offerings, so that customers can have more convenience to bank when and where they choose, and to take advantage of upgraded …

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