Family Traditions

Hard work, strong values and careful planning help family businesses last.

by Jerry Davich

Family-owned businesses employ two-thirds of America’s workforce and generate nearly 80 percent of all new job creation in this country. These so-called “mom and pop” companies, roughly 5.5 million strong, also comprise 35 percent of Fortune 500 firms and have an average lifespan of 24 years, according to U.S. Census Bureau …

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Data Breaches

They happen everywhere. How can your company be safe?

Almost no industry seems to be free of data breaches. In retail, we’ve heard about Target and Neiman Marcus (and now Sears and other retailers are investigating whether they have been hacked). In education it’s Indiana University and University of Maryland, the most recent as of this writing. We’ve heard about Barclays Bank and the government …

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