Attorney and Fashion Artist

MADE TO MATCH Mark Roscoe designs
fashions for women and matching ties
for spouses.

For Mark Roscoe, both professions involve creative problem-solving.

by Laurie Wink

What woman doesn’t dream of appearing at a red-carpet event, looking stunning from head to toe in a couture ensemble designed just for her?

Mark Roscoe makes these dreams come true from his design studio in Valparaiso. Operating under the business name Mark Roscoe Designs, he creates everything from suits to cocktail dresses and …

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High-Wage Jobs Are Out There

HOT JOB PROSPECTS The Steelworker for the Future
program includes onsite training at ArcelorMittal.

What does it take to qualify, and how is the region preparing workers?

by Laurie Wink

Northwest Indiana’s economic development is closely aligned with availability of a qualified, motivated workforce. Success is a matter of fitting the right people into the right slots. But as anyone knows who’s tried to complete a complex jigsaw puzzle, you have to keep the overall picture in mind as …

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High Achievers Under 40

ENTREPRENEURIAL HEIGHTS Guy Rhodes’ photographic
work took him to the top of a wind turbine in Michigan.

Younger generation making a mark on the corporate landscape.

by Jerry Davich

A handful of relatively young entrepreneurs is changing the corporate landscape in Northwest Indiana with ideas, inventions and out-of-box thinking. They’re known for their innovative minds in an ever-evolving, technology-savvy business world. Here are their stories.

Guy Rhodes

Since the age of 5, when he asked a stunned Santa for a set of …

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