Arts Update

Upcoming events in Northwest Indiana and Greater South Bend.

Northwest Indiana
by John Cain

The fall season abounds with arts offerings! Hammond’s Towle Theater presents “Perfect Wedding,” September 11-27. An appalling situation occurs when a bridegroom wakes up on his wedding day to find a strange girl beside him in bed. Worse, during the ensuing panic to get the stranger dressed and out of the …

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The Affordable Care Act: From Volume to Value


The Affordable Care Act’s effects continue to accelerate.

by Phil Britt

The Affordable Care Act was designed to make affordable, accessible, high-quality health care available to all Americans while also focusing on patient outcomes rather than fee-for-service. While it is driving people to less expensive urgent care rather than more expensive emergency room visits, it also has continued the trend of employers adopting high deductible …

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Designing a Home Office

BALANCING WORK AND HOME Be sure your furnishings match your
goals and needs, says Cathi Lloyd of Decorating Den Interiors.

Options vary greatly, depending on occupation and personal tastes.

by Jane Bokun

When it came to working at home, I’ll admit it. I was afraid of the freedom.

I needed an angry supervisor and a rudimentary desk, combined with coworkers who talked about the same things throughout the day. You could say the freedom of a home office and no one but me watching the …

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