Selling to the Government

State program helps companies compete whenselling to the government.

In 2013, to further support Hoosier small businesses and entrepreneurs, the Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (OSBE) was elevated to an independent agency under the direction of the lieutenant governor’s office. OSBE was charged with growing the state’s economy by assisting small businesses in their efforts to launch, raise capital, and create jobs …

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FBI vs Apple

Legal battle could have had unpredictable cybersecurity consequences.

By now, most people are familiar with the recent Apple vs. FBI dispute about the right to gain access to information on the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter who was involved in a terrorist event that rocked our nation. The case drew worldwide attention because the outcome threatened to alter the balance between privacy and security …

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Managing Digital Assets

Business owners need to safeguard access to commercially valuable data.

The late twentieth century composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein wrote his much anticipated memoir “Blue Ink,” leaving it hidden behind various levels of passwords. In the 26 years since his death, no one has been able to decrypt the manuscript.

This is an example, albeit an unusual one, of a commercially valuable asset locked in …

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