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Family Ties

Graham Rahal behind the wheel of dad Bobby’s race car.

by Ben Smith

The videotape is semi-legendary now. Graham Rahal has mentioned it a zillion times now these last five or six years, because it’s a good place to start with him, a good place to trace the source of everything he is and maybe is yet to become.

On the tape, it’s the early …

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Relentlessly Positive

Indiana Pacers Coach Frank Vogel has his team on a roll.

by Ben Smith

Yes, he can still do it. Since you’re asking. “Some things you never forget. Even if you’d like to,” says Frank Vogel. It’s a frigid December afternoon and he’s leaning against a wall in the Banker’s Life Fieldhouse practice facility, a slight man in navy Indiana Pacers sweats and short dark …

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National Pride Makes Olympics a Different Game for Women Athletes

WEST LAFAYETTE – The Olympics are a rare time when women’s sports garner a large female television audience, along with increased interest and exposure because of American pride, says a Purdue University expert.

“The Olympics pay attention to women’s sports in a way that we don’t see very often,” says Cheryl Cooky, an associate professor of health and kinesiology and women’s studies, gender and

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A Green Arena

LaPorte native making plans for environmentally friendly development.

by Heidi Prescott Wieneke

Paul Boardman acknowledges there are some important details about the multipurpose sports and entertainment venue he is planning in Northwest Indiana that have not yet been announced. He has not revealed the site on which Duneland Arena would be located, for instance, or released a rendering to give Porter County residents a look …

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Lucky Number 12

Andrew Luck comfortable as the Colts’ face and cornerstone.

by Ben Smith

Begin with the shoes. There are four or five pairs, all athletic shoes, every species from cross-trainers to plain knockabout sneakers. Left where their owner dropped them, they spill out of Andrew Luck’s locker in a haphazard spray, and after a few seconds it comes to you that this looks like–the perfect chaos …

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Catching the Fever

WNBA’s reigning champs reach out to find fans.

by Rick A. Richards

The Women’s National Basketball Association is filled with remarkable athletes–the best in the world at what they do–and stellar competition.

But when it comes to player salaries, television viewers and marketing prowess, the WNBA lags far behind the NBA. Julie Graue, vice president of business development and marketing for the WNBA’s Indiana Fever, …

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College Recruiting

As in business, it’s all about finding the right person for the role.

by Rick A. Richards

Getting the right people into the right position is the lifeblood of any business or organization. There are dozens of books and classes explaining how to make sure the right people are put in the right job, but there is no way of predicting ahead of time if …

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Boat race adds $1 million to LaPorte economy

LAPORTE – The LaPorte County Convention and Visitors Bureau has announced that the recent running of the Maple City Grand Prix boat race on Stone Lake in LaPorte brought in more than $1 million to the local economy.

A study by Certec Inc. of Versailles, Ky., showed that 15,000 people attended the race, with 76 percent from LaPorte and the surrounding area. The remainder of …

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PNC’s Dworkin speaker at Baseball Hall of Fame

WESTVILLE – Purdue University North Central Chancellor Dr. James B. Dworkin recently participated in the Baseball Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture. The three-day symposium brought together experts from across the nation to examine the impact of baseball on American culture.

The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture was jointly sponsored by the State University of New York

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Off to the Races

Speedboat events bring thousands to LaPorte County shores.

by Rick A. Richards

A warm, sunny day, the roar of powerful engines and the thrill of speed is all a race fan needs. But this racing isn’t taking place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s happening just offshore from Michigan City on Lake Michigan, and this year, the roar of racing engines also will be heard …

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