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Selling to the Government

State program helps companies compete whenselling to the government.

In 2013, to further support Hoosier small businesses and entrepreneurs, the Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (OSBE) was elevated to an independent agency under the direction of the lieutenant governor’s office. OSBE was charged with growing the state’s economy by assisting small businesses in their efforts to launch, raise capital, and create jobs …

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Cooperation Not Competition

Alliance brings together Chicago region.

The relationship between Northwest Indiana and the Greater Chicago area has often been described as a love-hate relationship. We love the proximity and the jobs provided for Hoosiers, but the state line has often seemed to be a barrier to collaboration.

A landmark study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 2012 analyzed the economic interdependence between …

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Supporting Indiana Businesses

The state’s efforts to create a lot more “Companies to Watch.”

On August 27, a large audience of Hoosiers gathered in Indianapolis to honor the 2015 class of “Companies to Watch.” Presented by the State of Indiana and Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and endorsed by the Edward Lowe Foundation, this designation recognizes privately held Indiana businesses that have experienced exceptional growth and …

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Teaching How to Think Instead of What to Think

School choice promotes excellence, increases competition and saves money.

It would be wonderful if every American could read the impressions of Alexis de Tocqueville, who wrote “Democracy in America.” Educators should be teaching how to think instead of what to think. In the spring issue of this magazine, a superintendent was critical of the Choice Scholarship program in Indiana. The article alleged some three-tier system …

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Public Schools Are Performing

We must stop diverting precious public funds to charters and vouchers.

While public education has been the cornerstone of our democracy, the state of Indiana has been increasing the funding for the privatization of education. Charter schools and vouchers are being given taxpayer dollars at the expense of public schools. Indiana now has a three-tiered education system: 1. private religious schools, 2. charters, and 3. …

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Time to Support Public Schools

It’s not good business to cause financial hardship for schools.

If economic development is in any way related to the quality of public education, then business leaders must demand a shift in public education policy that places public schools as the top priority. The ability of any community to attract new economic development is dependent upon having a skilled and available work force. Only a …

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Extend the South Shore Line

Thousands of jobs and new prosperity will ride into the region.

by Bill Hanna

Expanding the South Shore Line will give us the opportunity to increase connectivity to Chicago, one of the world’s largest economies. Since 1970, Lake County has experienced a decline in population and median income. In order to reverse these trends we must connect the great resources and investments already made in …

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The Region’s Priorities

Summit brings leaders together to reach public-policy consensus.

On October 3, the One Region organization sponsored a session attended by 70 leaders from throughout the region. The event was designed to tap the wisdom of the participants concerning the public-policy choices we face as an extended community. The assembly included representatives from the business community, education, social service organizations, elected officials and the media. I …

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Daring to Dream

Bring diverse communities together to build a brighter future.

When NIPSCO’s Eddie Melton stepped to the podium at Strongbow’s Inn, he had no small task.

He was asked along with others to answer this question: “How does a diverse region learn to work together to build a great region in a global economy?

He was among a number of regional speakers at a Dare to …

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The Year Ahead

After a solid 2012, prepare for an eventful 2013 in the region.
by Mark Maassel

2012 was another great year and we are already building on those successes as we enter 2013. With a focus on boosting jobs and the quality of life, Northwest Indiana continues to make great strides toward our future. And the Northwest Indiana Forum and our partners are a significant part …

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