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Engagement = Social Media Success

By Ben Laube, POLR Marketing

Social Media is a leading industry tool to bring brand awareness to the forefront of markets. More than ever, your business’ online reputation weighs heavily on your success due to the unlimited availability of content published daily online. In a majority of marketing and advertising methods, the communication is a one-way street from company to customer. However, social media is …

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Accomplished Women

Meet some of the leaders of the region’s community foundations.

by Jane Bokun

As a woman with a lot of responsibility, Barb Young heads up the Porter County Foundation, which gives out more than $1 million in grants each year.

She began her career as a volunteer for Porter County and has been affiliated with the foundation since its inception. She assumed the role of …

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Improving Quality Of Life in Your Business

By Ruth W. Crocker

If you find yourself listening to co-workers complain at work, you’re not alone. Jane, a registered nurse, often eats her lunch sitting on a curb in the parking lot next to the clinic where she works. She’s looking for just a few minutes of peace and quiet from the chaos and complaints that echo off the walls in the employee break …

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Recruiting Talent

By Mark Miller

First, I think the distinction in the opening paragraph is significant. Unfortunately, many leaders do not recruit talent, they select people. To select is to sort through applicants and choose the best one. To recruit is different; recruiting is…

The process of identifying the most appropriate people for a specific role and aggressively pursuing them.

As in most definitions, the words matter; …

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Ad Sales Role-Play

I am always amazed at the number of ad sales reps that never, everpractice their trade in an effort to improve. Just imagine if TigerWoods never practiced. Would hebe as successful? Probably not. Why did Michael Jordan shoot hundreds of free throws each week? Why do the best actors in Hollywood have acting coaches?

Because being the best requires practice, mentoring and

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