Publisher’s Note – Fall 2014

Innovations Everywhere

The region’s big thinkers open doors to the future.

Northwest Indiana is an excellent place to make things, as is the state as a whole, but our excellence in manufacturing sometimes overshadows our area’s brilliance when it comes to not just making but creating and innovating. The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana, now in its 10th year, exists to shine the …

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Craft a Perfect Publicity Cocktail

Media Mixology
Crafting the Perfect Publicity Cocktail

The handcrafted cocktail has skyrocketed in popularity. Thanks in part to period-piece television dramas such as Mad Men that romanticize bar scenes of yore, drinks like the Old Fashioned and the Sazerac have risen from the recesses of the speakeasy to the drink menu of the neighborhood watering hole. With its focus on precision and detail, the art …

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