A Future With the South Bend Cubs

South Bend minor league team thrives as an affiliate of Chicago’s North Siders.

by Ben Smith

The past is here, beyond the shimmering emerald grass, beyond the walkway that runs behind center field, beyond the scoreboard welcoming everyone, on this blue-sky evening, to Four Winds Field and Back to the Future Night.

But first, back to the past.

It’s in a small enclosure behind the …

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The Big Disconnect

GEARING UP FOR CAREERS Students Michael Balzer and Nicole Attar inspect gears
from a print of an automatic transmission model on a 3D printer at Purdue Polytechnic.

Universities and businesses working together to better prepare students for real-world challenges.

by Heidi Prescott Wieneke

Gary Bertoline wonders how many times college engineering students have been challenged to redesign the flashlight. They study the circuitry, power source and look for ways to improve its durability, but there are limitations to their assigned task.

“A flashlight is a flashlight. It was designed 100 years ago, …

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Public Schools Are Performing

We must stop diverting precious public funds to charters and vouchers.

While public education has been the cornerstone of our democracy, the state of Indiana has been increasing the funding for the privatization of education. Charter schools and vouchers are being given taxpayer dollars at the expense of public schools. Indiana now has a three-tiered education system: 1. private religious schools, 2. charters, and 3. …

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