Borrowing Online

Choose carefully when deciding on a lending source.

In today’s world, small business owners have increasing demands put on their time from customers, employees and suppliers. Because of this, they are constantly in search of ways to be efficient with their time to accomplish more each workday.

One way that business owners save time and increase efficiency is through the use of online business services. …

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Thinking Differently

Innovation isn’t just an “out of the box” mindset.

Thinking Differently! If you think differently, you will act differently. You will innovate.

Leaders like George Douglas, Indiana Beverage, and Cindy Hedge, Center of Creative Solutions, are among those who embrace this Applesque concept when approaching challenges to the marketplace. Indeed, they helped shape it.

This approach to problem solving isn’t just another variation of “out …

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Inbound Marketing

The digital age ushers in cost-effective concepts.

The times have changed, the digital age has taken over, and society now has a whole new format for receiving information. The digital age has altered the landscape of how marketers advertise and communicate brands for a more enhanced customer response to the buying process.

Thanks to the Google age, businesses are now dealing with a more educated, …

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