Honor Flight

Volunteers arrange daylong Washington trips to celebrate the lives and contributions of veterans.

by Nancy Henke-Konopasek

In 1943, Highland, Indiana resident, R. Paul Joyce answered his country’s call to serve in World War II. At the age of 19, Joyce joined the Cadet Program of the Army Air Force. Paul served as a radio operator and gunner aboard the B-17 Flying Fortress with the 8th …

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The Crooked Yardstick

Redefining Success

By: Gerry Sandusky

Take inventory of your successes. What comes to mind? The title of your position in your company? How much money you make? The value of your home? An award you won? If you had to measure your success, would you place yourself in the top ten percent? Top five percent? Did your company or your team meet this quarter’s sales …

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